MRC takes great pride in helping the providers and therapists enrolling with insurance plans and obtaining insurance reimbursement for their services.

To best serve centers and other facilities, MRC has experienced staffing and software solutions that offer BCBAs a customized and comprehensive approach to managing their business. Our experience translates into better and faster reimbursement, and more importantly, keeps focus on the child with autism, rather than dealing with insurance claims. Our medical billers’ knowledge of how ABA centers operate combined with our robust EMR software and billing efficiency makes this a very powerful solution for any ABA provider.

We are here to help!MRC ABA Therapy Billing Service

Established in 1995, we are a dedicated medical insurance ABA Therapy Billing Service and practice consulting service. We utilize state of the art equipment and software and now focusing on ABA practices.

Providing comprehensive insurance billing makes our clients a turnkey solution for their families and presents our client as an attractive solution when families are seeking an ABA provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage over providers who cannot offer insurance billing for their clients. Implementing this role with MRC you can have an immediate, positive impact on your families. MRC has been working with autism providers since 2007 and have made this our mission.