Enrollment Service

MRC also offers insurance enrollment without using our billing services – call to find out more!

MRC specializes in medical practice contracting and credentialing including managed care and government payers. Our experienced staff have worked with physicians, behavior analysts, physical therapists, speech therapist and occupational therapists and many other healthcare providers. We can help with group contracts, CAQH management, credentialing and re-credentialing.

Some of our services include:

  • Provider and/or group application/contracts with commercial insurance
  • Provider and/or group applications/contracts with Medicare and Medicaid
  • Provider CAQH setup and optional maintenance for providers
  • Processing enrollment forms for national and regional insurance carriers
  • Helping you get started with insurance companies
  • Understanding fee schedules

Insurance and enrollment services are included for all providers at the time of contracting.  Additional fees may apply on new providers hired by the practice after the initial contracting.

Insurance and enrollment services are also available without using our ABA Therapy Billing Service.  You have a practice to run, trying to figure out each payer’s process can take weeks.  Problems with enrollment are the most common problem we see in new billing service clients.  Our experienced team of enrollment experts can take your organization through the entire enrollment process and watch for required updates.

Enrollment Software – Echo One

To manage your providers and keep your insurance reimbursement coming you have to stay on top of all the different insurance company requirements.  To manage enrollment with every insurance company requiring different information and regular updates we have implemented OneApp software for our clients.

This software allows us to capture and store all documents related to your provider contracts.  We manage and automatically generate notifications of documents that are outdated or missing as well as managing expiration dates, practice locations and CAHQ updates.


  • Unlimited number of configurations to support requirements for varied provider groups and organizations.
  • Secure chat messaging from the provider to designated Echo users.
  • Ability to capture all of the data and images necessary for completing whichever process is being performed, including clinical privilege requests and supplemental documents as needed.
  • Role-based security.
  • eSignature capability.
  • Population of online payer applications, such as PECOS and Medicaid, with your data stored in EchoCredentialing by mapping to any online form or utilizing our library of pre-built integrations (Echo InForm)
  • Automated completion of provider enrollment applications utilizing the Echo OneForm library of over 4,000 pre-built payer forms
  • Importing provider data into EchoCredentialing from CAQH ProView, leveraging a data review screen prior to accepting the changes into your EchoCredentialing database
  • Prioritization of your enrollment activities based on pending claims amounts and length of time claims have been outstanding
  • Support of delegated credentialing arrangements

We have over 20 years experience to help you access insurance networks and keep your insurance billing going.  Outsourcing your healthcare enrollment process increases accuracy while giving you back time to spend on higher value tasks.