Electronic Prescribing and Lab Results

Azalea eRx™, an e-prescribing solution now available for physician practices. Azalea eRx™ partners with DrFirst’s award-winning e-prescribing technology, creating a highly functional e-prescribing module that allows healthcare professionals to easily submit accurate and secure electronic prescriptions directly to any retail or mail-order pharmacy. Azalea eRx™ will allow physicians to improve prescribing safety and medical practice productivity and efficiency. The system is completely web-based, and features drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checking, dosage alerts, and real-time patient medication and formulary lists. Prescriptions are legible and electronically sent, making prescribing safer for the patient.

“E-Prescribing is an easy-to-implement technology and perfect for a physician’s first steps towards becoming acclimated to personally interacting with technology during a clinical process.

Azalea eRx™ is integrated into both Azalea PM™ and Azalea Labhub™, two of AHI’s own innovative and easy-to-use software programs, making electronic prescribing an important addition to any existing and potential clients

Azalea Labhub™ is an online medical laboratory ordering and reporting system designed to improve your ordering and resulting process, while saving your laboratory time and money.