Electronic Medical Record

We work with many EMR/EHR providers but our integrated web-based EMR is designed for physician needs. Utilizing an EMR that it is integrated with the practice management system will improve efficiency and reduce errors resulting in delayed payments.

Web-based – Means there is no software to download and no hardware to maintain. Save precious time and money.

Speed and Efficiency – For ambulatory practices and rural clinics, a single database integration means your practice, patient flow and payment cycles all run smoother.

Flexible customization – Tailor your templates, security settings and more to your practice and specialty.

Single Screen Charting – Document SOAP notes, capture billing codes/claims, send prescriptions to pharmacy, order labs and schedule follow-up visit. All from one screen.

Collaborative Charting – Enables your team to work on the same chart simultaneously.

Valuable, Interoperable Extras – stay ahead of the curve with fully-integrated telehealth, lab integrations, health Mobile app, Patient Portal, Chronic Care Management and Quality Reporting Dashboards – and more, at your fingertips.