Is It Time to Outsource Your ABA Therapy Billing?

As an ABA therapist, you want to concentrate on providing the highest quality therapy for you clients. ABA Therapy Billing is an ever growing and ever changing field. It should be obvious that it is in your best interest to have a well-oiled system in place tp efficiently deal with billing and on the same token, ensure that your practice thrives as a business.

At Medical Reimbursement Consultants (MRC) Billing, we understand that the therapy billing side of your business can be daunting and a huge undertaking. With new billing technologies, government requirements, performance measures, and financial concerns, practice administrators, owners and therapists, are evaluating what processes and tools will help them to save on expenses and increase revenue. If you have been questioning outsourcing billing responsibilities, you should ponder over these signs to see if it is time for you to seek help from MRC Billing.

“I want to focus on patient care and not billing.”

ABA Therapy Billing and coding take a significant amount effort, time, and also resources. It becomes a challenge when you don’t have a devoted team to handle this side of the business, the responsibility of this probably falls onto your shoulders. This can mean less time spent building and fostering relationships with your patients and patients’ families.

As an ABA or BCBA, your ability to foster a positive relationship with the family you are working with is crucial and absolutely one of the most important parts of your job, especially when starting a new case. Failure to do this (in a timely manner) can be detrimental to your success and growth. Outsourcing your therapy billing would be perfect for this scenario.

“I’ve made a lot of billing errors and I am afraid it is costing me money.”

The success or failure of each patient claim begins and ends in the front office. Why? Patient insurance eligibility verification is the beginning. Claims denials come at a pretty heavy cost. This doesn’t include the continual errors that are made and need resubmission. Each time an error is made, not only does it come with additional costs to correct, but it mandates time from your personnel, thus costing you more money. With a situation like this it becomes fairly evident that you should outsource your ABA Therapy Billing.

It is also worth mentioning that a few 35% of provides even appeal denied claims. At such a low percentage, it is a very good possibility that with these errors, you as an ABA Therapist or your clinic could possibly be losing out on thousands of dollars.

“We have a billing team, they just aren’t very effective and efficient.”

Every company and/or individual has their own strengths. If billing doesn’t seem to interest you or is a pain point, it is necessary to outsource. It’s an unfortunate reality to identify weaknesses, but a reality that you must accept if you want to grow your business and be successful.

Outsourcing your therapy billing can help improve your business in so many ways. Not only can it allow you to improve your skills as a therapist, but it can also lead to a better level of customer service. MRC has had over 10 years’ experience in ABA billing needs.  We have enhanced our ABA Therapy Billing Service software to work perfectly with the needs of your practice.  We can help with your billing needs using any practice management solution you are currently using.   Currently we have an integration with TotalABA. TotalABA provides scheduling, clinical documentation and data-gathering tools and is directly integrated with our practice management software.

“I’m a new ABA Therapist and I’m not quite sure how to handle billing.”

Starting a new company comes with many challenges in its own right. However, now you have to add the complexities such as medical billing and coding that are ever changing. Contacting a therapy billing services company, like MRC Billing, can help you on a number of levels:

  • Using correct CPT Category III codes for billing, cutting down on error costs and claim denials
  • Payroll
  • HR Module
  • Custom Reports
  • Management and Quality Control
  • Remaining Compliant with HIPAA
  • Secure Web-Based Portal

Why MRC?

Established in 1995, we are a dedicated medical insurance billing service and practice consulting service. We utilize state of the art equipment and software and now focusing on ABA practices.

Providing comprehensive insurance billing makes our clients a turnkey solution for their families and presents our client as an attractive solution when families are seeking an ABA provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage over providers who cannot offer insurance billing for their clients. Implementing this role with MRC you can have an immediate, positive impact on your families. MRC has been working with autism providers since 2007 and have made this our mission. We have unrivaled customer support and training.

Decided outsourcing your billing is a must? Contact us today!