Utilizing an ABA Therapy Billing Service made up of professional, experienced staff brings a new dimension to the practitioner’s office.  At MRC we believe in automating the office as much as possible to streamline daily activity without losing the protection of an internal audit trail. By adding our staff as your medical billing agents, you will be adding the knowledge and experience of an entire team, more than you would gain by hiring two or three billing clerks. The pay and benefits of two or three clerks are just the beginning of the savings. You save the non-employee related costs of billing as well.

Experienced staff translates into better, faster reimbursement from payers and patients. In a service industry, it is important to keep good lines of communication open between the patients and you’re your office. When patients have questions about insurance coverage or a statement they received, we are here to speak with them. MRC patient account clerks are accessible to patients by a toll-free telephone or email.

MRC ABA Therapy Billing Service removes the headache of keeping a trained billing staff in the office. Codes, guidelines, payment allowance and billing rules change almost monthly. Seminars, conferences and associated expenses are costly and seldom focused on the billing information you need. Certified professional coders at MRC ABA Therapy Billing Service are continually updated on new processes, obtaining CEU’s throughout the year.  Our staff has a lengthy history with the company, which also helps keep our resource knowledge base constant.