Insurance Enrollment

Insurance Enrollment

Insurance Enrollment


MRC will not only handle all aspects of billing  the various insurance companies we also have a dedicated enrollment department.  Enrolling with insurance companies is very time consuming and a crucial piece of the process.  Our team will handle  everything from creating your NPI and CAQH to completing the various applications associated with contracting with insurance companies.

One thing that makes us unique is we do all of this for your practice at no additional charge.  Whether you are just starting out or already contracted with the insurance companies our enrollment team is here to help.  Over time as your business grows and you hire new providers our Enrollment Team will handle adding those providers to your contracts.  We help keep your information up to date with the insurance companies and help monitor your providers status.   

MRC uses IntelliApp Pro by IntelliSoft Group.

With IntelliApp Pro you’ll never have to complete enrollment applications by hand again. MRC setups your provider’s information once and IntelliApp Pro automatically completes your enrollment applications over and over again. Never handwrite another application! MRC simply prints the completed forms to be signed and sent to the appropriate healthcare organization for verification.

Utilizing IntelliApp Pro MRC will take the work out of your enrollment with selected insurance carriers.   

We have a team of trained staff to help you along every step of the way !

Working manually, it would take one person seven days to complete 4-5 applications. Multiply that by 25 MCOs and that same person could spend 180 days completing applications. Inherent in the manual process was the likelihood of mistakes and incomplete applications, which further delay a provider’s ability to see patients for an MCO. MRC will do the following:

  • Reduce time required to enroll providers with MCOs.
  • Accumulate and organize all data elements required to complete applications for MCOs
  • Automate completion of forms required using MCO format.
  • Track the flow of applications once submitted.
  • Monitor expiration dates, alert the staff when renewals are due.
  • Build a resource for providing data to other departments or organizations in electronic or paper form.