Manage your entire practice from any computer anywhere with MRC’s customizable scheduling software.  Keep track of your students and therapists in real-time.  Multiple locations and satellite offices are easily identified and integrated with your total practice.                           

Authorization Tracking

      Manage inbound insurance authorizations including the authorized period of time and the number of visits/units authorized.

Clinical Documentation

     Create point-of-care and other documents for your patient’s records and frequently used forms have been created as templates. 

 Lessons and Plans

    TotalABA allows for facility administrators to develop customized lesson curriculum. Front end therapists can then record data points quickly and easily throughout their sessions on an iPad, tablet, PC or Mac. The data collected during these sessions can then be analyzed via graphical reports to track the progress of the students.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior tracking allows the front end therapist to record the timing and duration of specific behaviors. Since records are digital entries, these behaviors can be graphed, reported on and analyzed over time. (Coming Soon)

 Parent Portal

    The TotalABA Parent Portal allows parents to access relevant and important information regarding their child’s progress via a secure internet portal. Graphical statistics, appointment information, therapist communications, benchmarks and more will all be accessible online at any time. (Coming Soon)

Time and Attendance

     Track and report on student attendance as well as therapist time, expenses and mileage.

 Billing Software Integration

      Transfer insurance billing information to seamlessly to MRC.  No additional data entry is needed.

Analytical Reporting

   TotalABA will come “off the shelf” with several analytical reports that will allow you to track authorizations, lesson/plan progression, behavior graphs and so much more. Additionally, the reporting module will allow the facility to create reports on virtually anything that has been recorded in the system. 

Mac, PC, iPad, Mobile and Tablet Support

     No longer do you need specific hardware to run your clinical software. The system is web-based so the minimum requirement is an internet connection. The system works on PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and more!