Navicure Remittance


Navicure® is your single source for submitting primary or secondary claims, electronically or on paper. Navicure also offers institutional claims processing and enhanced claim edits.


Electronic Primary and Secondary Claims

Look after patients. We’re looking after you. Providing patient care is what your practice does best. But your physicians can’t practice best medicine if they don’t get paid for what they do. That’s where Navicure comes in. Navicure’s leading Web-based claims management solution is designed to go beyond the traditional clearinghouse to streamline your primary and secondary claims process, enabling you to collect more money in less time with less effort.


All electronic transactions are conducted in real-time, so you can immediately correct and resubmit claims data with the click of a mouse. In addition, our dynamic rules engine gets bigger and smarter with every claim that it scrubs and processes. Unlike client/ server-based software, Navicure’s Web-based platform enables its community of users to benefit from one another. When a claim is rejected by one user, that rejection reason becomes an additional edit for thousands of other users, thereby increasing first-pass rate for the Navicure community.



Claims scrubbing and editing

Submission and tracking

Rejected claims management


 Reduce A/R days

Increase operational efficiency

Lower administrative costs

Enhance profitability

Process more claims with less work

Spend less time researching rejections

Track claims like FedEx® tracks packages

Identify and stop procedural billing errors once and for all

Get paid in a timely fashion

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Paper Primary and Secondary Claims

Navicure offers a paper solution for payers who cannot receive primary and secondary files electronically. Submit your files electronically to Navicure and we will we do the rest.


Institutional Claims

Submit your institutional claims electronically with Navicure’s institutional claims. Our institutional claims processing solution allows you to streamline your claims processing, so that you can collect more money in less time, with less effort.


Enhanced Coding/Editing

Medical necessity and correct coding submission errors can significantly increase the time it takes to get your Medicare claims paid. However, with Navicure Medicare Compliance EditsTM – medical necessity and National Correct Coding edits – your practice can prevent these errors and avoid unnecessary rejections and denials.

To download the Navicure Medicare Compliance Edits one sheet click here.

 Plus, if your practice requires unique edits to meet internal needs, Navicure will develop custom edits to your specifications.

 Click here to learn more about our medical necessity, National Correct Coding Initiative and custom edits.