Navicure Denial Management

Denial Management Overview


The timely collection of accounts receivable revenue is critical to a practice’s financial health. Denials slow and can even stop that process. The billing office is tasked with the burden of resolving denials and protecting cash flow. With effective denial management, the majority of denials can be prevented and the revenue recovered. Navicure categorizes your data into the information you need to effectively track and manage claims denials.

Improved receivables cycle

Increased reimbursements

Improved cash flow

Reduced A/R days

Reduced claim rejections and denials

Increase productivity and staff efficiency with intelligent workflows

Reduced labor costs

24/7 access to Remittance for printing EOBs to attach to claims for secondary payers

Simple Electronic Secondary filing

Match remittance with the originating claim

Places secondary claims into a work queue for submission to payers

Improved management reporting and analytics

Denial Management

 Categorizing all payer denials makes it easy to identify and target problem areas impacting the bottom line.

View and print the mock EOB for all payers to be used for filing secondary claims.

Our denial management is rooted in a workflow based on denial categories providing comprehensive reporting for analysis to effectively manage denials.

Cohesive Rejection and Denial Categories help managers perform root cause analysis for payment issues impacting the practice

Saved Lists

 The Saved Lists feature automatically generates reports by denial category for individuals to research, correct, and re-file or appeal.

Reports can be created for both rejection and denial information.

Payment Analysis

Create payment trend reports, allowing managers to review payer performance, identify coding impacts, and uncover problem areas for resolution.

Identify coding opportunities

Eliminate unnecessary staff legwork by using Payment Analysis reports that aggregate your reimbursement history into high level categorized reports.

Determines patterns of common errors, Percentage of claims denied, Most common types of denials, Payers denied most frequently

Appeal Letters

Save time by easily printing Appeal letters with pre-populated claim information ready to forward to the payer! Navicure Appeal Letters range from Generic Reconsideration to specific Categorical letters.

 The addition of an automated Appeal letter feature in the ERA Filing Cabinet to aid the normally manual process appealing claims compliments the existing Navicure diagnostic tools, creating a more efficient receivables management process in your office.

 Easily research identified claims and create appeal letters without leaving Navicure using our simple, imbedded appeal process.

Save time using pre-populated appeal letters with the claim details already on the letter.

Quickly customize the appeal letters using the editable fields on each appeal letter.