Data Safety

MRC and our business partners recognizes securing your practice and patient data as our highest priority.  In fact, designing our applications to provide the highest level of security is key to our continued success and essential to maintain the trust and confidence of your practice.  We have devoted significant resources to building a state-of-the-art security infrastructure that provides the highest levels of security for all your data.

Security Features

  • 128-bit SSL encryption is required for all client connections.
  • Secure Sign On is required including a unique email address, and strong password.
  • An inactivity timeout ensures that a client session is signed off after a preset period of inactivity.
  • Multi-tenant architecture ensures each practice’s data exists in its own database and is not shared.
  • Security is enforced at both the application and operating system level.
  • Application security provides both user and group level permission within each module.
  • 24 hour security monitoring.  All unusual network activity and hacking attempts trigger immediate notification of LeonardoMD technicians.
  • Daily database and file backup, periodic transfer to secure off-site storage facility.