Advanced Scheduling

Scheduling made easy…

Manage your entire practice from any computer anywhere with MRC’s customizable scheduling software. Keep track of your patients and therapists in real-time. Multiple locations and satellite offices are easily identified and integrated with your total practice.

 Customizable Scheduling

  • Customizable therapist scheduling  means you control every aspect of your calendar and practice workflow. Multiple calendar view lets you see your appointments by day, week, or month with the ability to view additional staff resources. Print with one click for crisp, clean, formatted schedules and calendars.
  • The system can handle the most complex scheduling features for high volume practices while also offering the basic flexibility needed for any practice. The software automatically warns you of any scheduling conflicts, virtually eliminating booking errors.

Automated Patient and Authorization Management

  • Track the volume of patients from your referral sources.
  • Manage inbound insurance authorizations including the authorized period of time and the number of visits/units authorized.
  • Copay and co-insurance tracking helps maximize collections.

Appointment Management

  • A dynamic and flexible appointment management system lets you create and retrieve appointments from one screen. The schedule expands to accommodate overbooking. Time slots are flexible so you are not restricted with your needs.  Personnel availability is also tracked for vacations, meetings, and other obligations.


Billing information automatically sent to MRC

  • Integrating authorization with scheduling minimizes billing submission errors.
  • Multiple edits are utilized to achieve a “clean claim” for immediate billing.
  • Providers are automatically advised of pending billable services for your clients requiring approval. Once approved by the provider the charges are automatically submitted to MRC for billing.