What our clients are saying…


I just wanted to take a moment to share our THANKS and APPRECIATION for your organization and your staff.  Everyday we comment in our office about the responsiveness and the confidence we have regarding any need to contact MRC for any issue, and their ability to answer our questions and resolve any issue expediently. The staff at MRC are always pleasant, professional, helpful, and – most importantly- immediately responsive to our requests! WE LOVE IT!

This is not the experience we had with our previous billing agent, and we are very pleased to be working with your organization!

Please share our thanks and appreciation for your service to our Center, we anticipate a much better return on our billing as a result of your efficiency as well; fewer headaches- increased revenue… you can see why we LOVE IT!!

Sincerest Thanks!

Connie, Meredith  & Thor

 Southeast Missouri State University Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment

 I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the help that MRC has been providing to us.  Specifically to let you know how your staff has been extremely helpful in providing to us requested information and documentation.  I wanted to personally appreciate their help and also bring to your notice about the excellent service that has been provided to us.

Arun ~ Empower School

Partington Behavior Analysts Inc. has been working with both MRC Billing and Total ABA for more than a year.  During this time, the company has been able to prepare itself to work with insurance companies, collect monies owed, and stabilize the consulting staff’s efforts in reporting through Total ABA. MRC/Total ABA allows the consulting staff to record all session information, show everyone’s ongoing work schedules, complete all necessary insurance information, work within HIPPA guidelines, bill both clients and insurance companies, and all of this is done “online real time”.

 The efficiency that this system brings to the company is dramatic.  The consulting staff sees how effective it is in keeping all session information in one place “on line” and how easy it is to plan everyone’s work time “on line”. The billing department continues to see the advantages of using MRC Billing who knows the right codes for insurance companies and know how to produce accurate and timely billing.

 Alex Arnold, Business Consultant to Partington Behavior Analysts

We, Capitol Autism Services greatly value our partnership with Medical Reimbursement Consultants.  In the complex world of insurance billing, MRC has developed an amazing tool(TotalABA) and process specific to ABA Insurance billing.  We are appreciative of all the continued efforts in developing a portal such as TotalABA. 

John Shin-Lee ~ Chief Operating Officer

When we approached MRC about doing our billing, they had never billed for an autism center before. However, they were very open to learning about our specific needs and finding the best ways to assist us. MRC has definitely been a partner to our business and we have grown together. The best part is, now we can focus on what we do best, which is serving families affected by autism and leave the complicated insurance billing process to MRC – which is what they do best.

- Mary R. Executive Director Little Star Center


 I have been working with MRC for nearly ten years. I am very pleased to work with them and have not had any difficulty with them. I do recommend them highly to anyone.

- I.T. Yoon, MD Family Practice

 I have been using the services of the staff of MRC for several years and have been pleased with their professionalism combined with caring and helpful attitudes. When opportunities came to consider changing to other billing companies, I chose instead to stay with this staff because I trusted them and felt they were looking out for my best interest.

- Dr Hazelbaker, Internal Medicine

A letter from our client to a peer:

Contact MRC Kim Allbaugh — you gotta remember too that a transition over to utilizing a full virtual office billing service – there is a cost (reasonable of course and put in context over time cost effective — how much time do you spend with billing, invoicing, chasing down denials, INS claims, invoices, payments, etc… or someone has to do that for you and me, etc..), it takes initial work, investment and adjustment, etc. but anything good does….

The thing I like about Kim and MRC is that they take time to meet with you, train you and they have been billing INS for 30 years (Kim will come out usually for 2-3 days, at first), then remotely review and train and they eval your current billing systems and help adjust those to standard medical billing procedures, etc… it’s logical to think you can’t successfully do it really any other way without it eventually failing.

Everything is in one brain online and everyone goes there to communicate (HIPAA compliant), task each other, communicate, email, store files, referrals. notes, clinical documents, and ultimately bill INS for not only ABA but all services.  u could “go green” using their services as well, which takes time, as they provide a virtual office where everybody can access files, share, change and update and/or create files – takes the place of filing cabinets and everything is online unlimited space with backups in Los Angeles and Vegas, anyway enough about Kim – give him a call if you are interested in a review – he can web Ex a presentation on how everything works.

I have been looking around with no help from anyone, and ran into Kim at TxABA in Galveston TX.   Can’t guarantee anything but we just started and it looks like it is gonna eventually save us time, money, space and headache.

So INS billing enrollment and everything ABA/SLP/OT/PT and medical – but they are specializing in ABA billing right now I think.

Below on the right is their contact us button � check em out � lemme know…

Jason N. Simmons, MS, BCBA

- Jason N. Simmons, MS, BCBA CBA President

I’ve been assosiated with Ashley and her MRC team for approximately four years. The best thing that I can say is that I don’t have to worry about whether my billing is completed and whether it is done right. I’ve experienced excellent collections and would recommend the MRC team to anyone.

- Dr Dyer Pulmonary Specialist


Our office has been a client of MRC since it was founded. We appreciate the flow of communications we have established with MRC. Their computerized system allows us to review patient accounts and collect balances from the patient at the time they are seen in the office. We are very pleased with the information we can access from their system. We are family practice and have heavy claims volume which MRC handles well. We would recommend MRC.

- Dr Leer, Family Medicine